Things You Need To Know Before Publishing Online

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Things You Need To Know Before Publishing Online

The recent patent application filed by Google details numerous items the search engine uses to rank web pages. The specific application is summarized as:

“A method for scoring a document, comprising: identifying a document; obtaining one or more types of history data associated with the document; and generating a score for the document based on the one or more types of history data.”

The patent application sheds significant light on those pursuing search engine optimization with Google. Patent applications can be difficult to understand, so the following are highlighted that you should consider for your SEO efforts.

Update Your Site

Updating your site is important when it comes to maximizing your rankings on Google. In addition to the manipulation of keyword density and meta tags, the patent application reveals that Google places significant value on how often your content is updated. The more often you update, the timely and relevant your site will appear to Google. In turn, this leads to higher rankings.

To appease mighty Google, consider the following plan of action:

1. Update pages frequently,

2. Add new pages to your site,

3. Interlink the new pages with others on your site, and

4. Add new pages on a weekly basis instead of all at once.

When Google returns to the site, you want to make sure that there is new content. The high rankings of blog sites are evidence of this approach.

Google’s Looking at Your Domain

In a new twist, Google claims that it analyzes the number of years of domain registration as part of the ranking process. The application suggests that domains that are registered for longer periods of time are given more value because such a commitment shows the site is not a fly-by-night jump page. It is recommended that you extend all domain registrations for as long as possible as part of your search engine optimization efforts. It is difficult to tell how much the registration process impacts the ranking process, but every little bit helps.

Google claims that it also digs deeper into domain names to evaluate the legitimacy of the site. Factors in the evaluation include the web host and the “who is” information. According to the patent application, Google maintains a database of hosts that facilitate spamming of the Google search engine. While such hosts are not detailed in the application, pray to God that you are not using one. You should evaluate your host if your optimization efforts are not producing results.

Google’s Looking at Your Content

The content we add on the website plays an important role in ranking. Unique and quality of the content should not be compromised. you will find many tools that can help you out if you are facing some problem related to your content. Tools like “WordAI” is one of the best plagiarism removing the web-based app. You can really make unique content for your blog.


Actually “WordAI” is a spin bot that finds the best suitable replacement for the random words in the content and suggests you change the sentence to avoid plagiarism.

KeyWords Helps In Ranking On Google

when we talk about ranking websites on google there you find two ways to do that. Either you pay for your keyword ranking at the rate of per click or you work smart and search for suitable keywords that help you rank without spending any money at all. There are many tools that help you find keywords according to your niche.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. LSI Keywords

both of these tools help you find best low competition keyword that might help you in SEO and will give you the best results.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s keyword research tool. Use it to generate keyword ideas based on up to ten seed keywords, or from a website or URL.

While Keyword Planner does have limitations such as a lack of absolute search volumes, it’s useful for finding keyword ideas that you might struggle to find using traditional keyword research tools.

LSI Keywords Planner


Latent semantic indexing is a system search engines use to collect other words people use about your keywords. LSI keywords are words and phrases with a high degree of relevance to your topic. Google uses them to help determine the content quality and relevance to the search.

A few minutes to compose a couple of well thought out paragraphs could do wonders for your web traffic. Keep looking for guest blogging opportunities and never use the same post for more than one blog. One post could bring a lifetime of traffic.

Now websites or blogs are a great way to get visitors and develop a long term return. web posts tend to stick around for a long time. The trick here is to get people to blog about your website without forking over a bundle of your hard-earned cash.

Internet & Technology While Social Distancing

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After more than 45 days in lockdown, it’s no surprise that many people are going a tad stir-crazy. But it’s far worse for seniors: Not only have visits from their kids and grandkids been suspended, but there’s the extra stress that comes with the nagging suspicion that they’ll be advised to remain on lockdown long after younger people begin trickling back to work and the world starts opening up again.

In fact, the AARP Foundation has even come up with this dire comparison: Prolonged social isolation, for those aged 50 and older, “is the health equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.”

Fortuitously, some of the niftiest technology offers solutions both to keep us connected and protect against some of the miscreants taking advantage of the situation.

• Health Checks

If you are worried that all of the anxiety is harming your loved ones’ overall well-being, the machine-learning algorithms that analyze activity data as part of’s Wellness solution can provide you with the very details you’ve suddenly found yourself obsessing about.

Did they open their medicine cabinet when they should, to take their prescription? Have their sleeping, eating, and (yes) bathroom patterns changed? Are they up and about during the day?

All that and more is done by connecting their home to yours via smart-home technology, with real-time smartphone alerts to let you know if something’s amiss.

“You don’t even know it’s there, but it’s here to protect you and let someone know if something does go wrong,” says Margarete Pullen of Dallas, Texas, whose son had the system installed by an authorized service provider for her and her husband along with a Wellcam video camera with two-way voice capability.

• Movie Meet-Ups

Most of us are just trying to find novel ways to cope with a situation that Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist and physician at Yale University, told Science magazine “calls on us to suppress our profoundly human and evolutionary hard-wired impulses for connection.”

Google’s new Netflix Party extension lets friends and family watch – and video-chat their way through – a movie together on their computers. You’ll need a NetFlix subscription, but then you’re free to debate if the Tiger King is worth all the hype and whether Carol Baskin really did kill her husband. Plus, unlike in real theaters, not many people (if any) are physically there to complain if you’re making too much noise eating popcorn.

• Apps Might Help A Lot

No NetFlix subscription? With apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Houseparty, and Zoom comes more proof that social distancing needn’t mean social disconnecting. Mass virtual dinner parties. Mass virtual “happy hours.” Mass virtual gym classes.

They’ve all become quite the rage, with one Vermont couple in their eighties even touchingly using Apple’s FaceTime to see and talk to each other after the husband had to be put in a nursing home that bars visitors during the pandemic.

Want to be a hero in your neighborhood? Use an app such as Instagram to share a video of someone’s doorbell cameras caught swiping one of the many, many packages you’ve been having delivered.


As the concerned pandemic has progressed worldwide and maintaining social distance is necessity of time. Internet with latest technology is helping a lot for having a closer look for their loved ones. All the exclusive information described above shall help you also if you are situated far away from family and friends. Use the internet along with technology and take good care of your family smartly.


Power Of Internet And Online Business

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Power Of Internet And Online Business

Running an internet business is not a difficult task, but running a successful internet business can be a bit more difficult. There are thousands of people that have their own online business, but many of them are not having any luck at all. If you want to be successful while running your internet business, there are a couple of tips you can follow.


Before you can run a successful internet business, you are going to need the necessary knowledge. In other words, if you are looking to start an internet business, choose an industry that you are familiar with. By doing this you will ensure yourself of knowing where to start, and how to handle problems as they arise. Of course, it is possible to run a successful internet business even if you do not have past experience. You will just want to make sure that you do your homework before starting. This way you will have some background information on the industry instead of simply going into the venture blind.


Make sure that you are organized from the very start. The most successful internet businesses are ones that have a quality business and marketing plan in place from the start. This will allow you to follow your plan as the days go by so that you do not get lost. It is hard to be successful in anything if you do not know where you are trying to go.

A business plan will give you an idea on how you want your company to progress, whereas a marketing plan will direct you on how to grow your company. These are two things that are synonymous with every successful internet business.


Never be ashamed to ask for help if you are having a rough time. A lot of business owners do not like to ask other people for help because they do not want to hurt their pride. This is something that you should come to grips with before you even get started. It is impossible to know everything about your industry, so there are times when you will have to ask questions. Instead of thinking of this as a bad thing, why not look at it as a way of making new business contacts?

If you are having a technical problem that you cannot figure out, you should get in touch with an IT company right away. There is nothing wrong with doing this. In fact, if you do not ask questions to other people you will only be holding your company back.


Do not reinvent the wheel, by following an established Internet Marketing Plan you can take a shortcut to your online success. Be aware though to not follow unsuccessful plans, there are free ones which are just excellent like “The Internet Marketing Master Plan”.

By following the tips above you will be well on your way to running a successful internet business. Remember, anybody can run a business, but to be successful you will have to be determined.


Search engine optimization, ranking, and submission tools. Your main objective in using internet business promoters is to improve your rankings on the search engines, so obviously your IBP should include a set of tools geared towards this goal. IBP optimization programs analyze the current top search results for particular keywords on the search engines you select. After the analysis is complete, the application will generate a report that details the changes you have to make to achieve the same results.

It is important that your IBP optimization program uses up-to-date information for its analysis; it should preferably operate in real-time. A good IBP will allow you unlimited use in terms of choosing keywords, checking rankings, and so forth. It should also allow you to analyze the various elements that comprise your site.


Introduction To ISDN – CISCO Certification

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From the CCNA to the CCIE, ISDN is one of the most important technologies you’ll work with. It’s also very common in the field ISDN is frequently used as a backup connection in case an organization’s Frame Relay connections go down. Therefore, it’s important to know ISDN basics not only for your particular exam, but for job success.

ISDN is used between two Cisco routers that have BRI or PRI interfaces. Basically, with ISDN one of the routers places a phone call to the other router. It is vital to understand not only what causes one router to dial another, but what makes the link go down.

Why? Since ISDN is basically a phone call from one router to another, you’re getting billed for that phone call — by the minute. If one of your routers dials another, and never hangs up, the connection can theoretically last for days or weeks. The network manager then receives an astronomical phone bill, which leads to bad things for everyone involved!

CISCO Router – Network

Cisco routers use the concept of interesting traffic to decide when one router should call another. By default, there is no interesting traffic, so if you don’t define any, the routers will never call each other.

Interesting traffic is defined with the dialer-list command. This command offers many options, so you can tie interesting traffic down not only to what protocols can bring the link up, but what the source, destination, or even port number must be for the line to come up.

One common misconception occurs once that link is up. Interesting traffic is required to bring the link-up, but by default, any traffic can then cross the ISDN link.

What makes the link come down? Again, the concept of interesting traffic is used. Cisco routers have an idle-timeout setting for their dialup interfaces. If interesting traffic does not cross the link for the amount of time specified by the idle-timeout, the link comes down.

To summarize: Interesting traffic brings the link up by default, any traffic can cross the link once it’s up a lack of interesting traffic is what brings the link down.

Just as important is knowing what keeps the link up once it is dialed. Why? Because ISDN acts as a phone call between two routers, and it’s billed that way to your client. The two routers that are connected by this phone call may be located in different area codes, so now we’re talking about a long distance phone call.

If your ISDN link does not have a reason to disconnect, the connection could theoretically last for days or weeks before someone realizes what’s going on. This is particularly true when the ISDN link is used as a backup for another connection type, as is commonly the case with Frame Relay. When the Frame Relay goes down, the backup ISDN link comes up when the Frame Relay link comes back not billed for all that time.

To understand why an ISDN link stays up when it’s not needed, we have to understand why it stays up period. Cisco’s ISDN interfaces use the idle-timeout to determine when an ISDN link should be torn down. By default, this value is two minutes, and it also uses the concept of interesting traffic.

Once interesting traffic brings the link-up, by default all traffic can cross the link. However, only interesting traffic resets the idle-timeout. If no interesting traffic crosses the link for two minutes, the idle-timer hits zero and the link comes down.

If the protocol running over the ISDN link is RIP version 2 or EIGRP, the most efficient way to prevent the routing updates from keeping the line up is expressly prohibiting their multicast routing update address in the access-list that is defining interesting traffic. Do not prevent them from crossing the link entirely, or the protocol obviously won’t work correctly.

With OSPF, Cisco offers the IP OSPF demand-circuit interface-level command. The OSPF adjacency will form over the ISDN link, but once formed, the Hello packets will be suppressed. However, the adjacency will not be lost. A check of the adjacency table with show IP OSPF adjacency will show the adjacency remains at Full, even though Hellos are no longer being sent across the link. The ISDN link can drop without the adjacency being lost. When the link is needed, the adjacency is still in place, and data can be sent without waiting for OSPF to go through the usual steps of forming an adjacency.

This OSPF command is vital for Cisco certification candidates at every level, but is particularly important for CCNA candidates. Learn this command now, get used to the fact that the adjacency stays up even though Hellos are suppressed, and add this valuable command to your Cisco toolkit.

One myth about ISDN is that Cisco Discovery Packets keep an ISDN link up. CDP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that runs between directly connected Cisco devices. There is a school of thought that CDP packets have to be disabled on a BRI interface in order to prevent the link from staying up or dialing when it’s not really needed. I’ve worked with ISDN for years in the field and in the lab, and I’ve never seen CDP bring up an ISDN link. Try it yourself the next time you’re working on a practice rack!


Guide To Top 3 Sony Laptop

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Guide To Top 3 Sony Laptop

Sony laptops are among the most well-known laptops in today’s market. Sony is a name that over time has established itself as creating a solid product with a stellar reputation. In addition to all the good press that Sony has, Sony is known for making the best ‘small’ laptops. This means that they pack a ton of features into a much smaller packet and do it better than most laptop companies around.


If you are in the market for a laptop it makes perfect sense to look around, compare your options, and decide on the laptop that will ultimately work best for you. There are many companies out there that offer similar products; some are superior, some inferior, some at a premium price, and still others at bargain prices. The laptop industry isn’t always an industry where you get what you pay for.

When choosing a laptop, it is never a good idea to buy what others think you should buy, buy the laptop that has the features that you need at a price that you can afford. Don’t buy a laptop that has bells and whistles you will never utilize. Perhaps, that is what I like most about Sony and the products they offer. Sony Laptops aren’t about stuffing computers full of features that will never be useful to the average consumer. Instead, they build a computer that the average consumer can use and offer upgrades beyond their basic computer setup.


When you buy a Sony laptop you are not only buying a great laptop, you are buying a solid name from a company that over time has proven it will stand behind its products and services. Sony products have been around for years and the company is on solid ground, they will be around for years to come. Their laptops are made with the same attention to detail and technological evolution that has made Sony famous, that being said, it’s a fair assessment that a Sony laptop is a good investment as far as laptops go.


This VAIO S VJS132X0511S version of the Sony machine is one of the extremely high performings that is also very light weighing. This product comes up with a small touchpad design and doesn’t have a touch screen.

  • 8th Generation Core i7 processor – Best performance
  • Full HD 13.3 Display screen – Non-touch Screen
  • SSD storage for fast boot and 8GB DDR3 low power memory for file processing
  • User friendly and quit keyboard
  • Touch pad is relatively small and will take some time to adjust
  • Comes up with finger print scanner
  • Average battery life is almost 9 hours

Howard Dalton – ‘There are a lot of standard and non-standard laptop features here that you just gloss over when you use it because of the lush design, like the screen size, massive touchpad, Intel’s 8th Generation Core i7 Processor, and a whisper quiet keyboard, but what I’m most pleased with, and 100% why this is the laptop for me, is the True Performance technology. Finally a slim book that doesn’t overheat or sound like its grinding gears with surges and throttling. I’m definitely getting a higher, steadier, more reliable level of performance on an almost 9 hour single charge. This is a top tier recommendation for anyone who needs a laptop with all of the bells and whistles to perform like a PC when you’re out of the office.’

Kenny –‘From the looks, feel of the keyboard, speed of the processor, and excellent display, the vaio is a hit. It’s also really light and has really neat features like a VGA output. Really happy with this product.’

VAIO S Laptop VJS131X0121B

This VAIO S Laptop VJS131X0121B comes with many good built-in stuff. Like it is light weight and have very good battery life with excellent performance. This is also a non-touch screen laptop with relatively smaller storage capacity.

  • 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor.
  • Durable and high impact resistance to handle any mishaps or slips
  • Full HD 13.3 Display Screen – Non-touch screen
  • 256 GB SSD memory – 8GB RAM for better performance
  • User friendly keyboard – Quit in typing
  • 3 USB ports – HDMI – SD card slot – VGA connectors
  • Average battery life is up to 9-10 hours

Bruno M. – ‘Excellent laptop option for corporate use, very light, soft keyboard and good external finish. I’ve been using it for only a week, but performance so far has been pretty good. It was in doubt between the Vaio S and Dell XPS, but one of the reasons I chose Vaio was its connectivity: HDMI, VGA and Ethernet, if I had chosen a Dell, I would have to buy additional adapters and a license for windows pro.’

Jeffery – ‘WOW! This computer is so this it is about 1/4 inch thick at the largest portion; however, don’t be fooled this is a POWERHOUSE computer. I’ve never owned a VAIO computer, but so very glad I’m giving this a shot!’


This VAIO Z Flip is unique in its own way with a 2-in-1 design model. This model is non-upgradeable and has no dedicated graphic card.

  • 2-in-1 design with laptop and tablet
  • 13.3 Full HD 2560×1440 display with complete flipping ability
  • 6th Generation Core i5 Processor with best performance
  • High performing SSD and 16GB RAM for fast booting
  • Very comfortable keyboard with dedicated touch pad
  • 8-9 hours of average battery life

nvanden – ‘OMG I love this laptop! Expensive but well worth it. It’s a class act. I had a SONY VAIO for 6 years prior to this one. Had to replace that one because when the power cord was accidentally yanked out the repair was too costly. That issue has been resolved with the VAIO-Z Flip. Lightweight, perfect screen size, love the SSD.’

IT Professional + Life Professional – ‘This laptop is stunning, solid, and versatile. In my opinion, the 2 in 1 feature is a necessity. The Pen works flawlessly and is great for drawing but also helps to be accurate with Excel sheets. The charger has an anti-pull feature that prevents the port from breaking when yanked which is awesome and similar to apple MagSafe. Other ultrabooks with the features and speed that this has cost about the same price so overall I recommend this over others in the same class.’